Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liberace Party: A Night of Fabulousness

It all started with my friend Cristina. As a museum-visiting, record-owning, candle-collecting fan of Liberace, she was bummed that she couldn't host a viewing party for HBO's biopic Behind the Candelabra. I'm only a casual fan of Mr. Showmanship, but I am mad about theme parties so I teamed her enthusiasm with my insanity and created a cocktail party worthy of The Glitter Man.

part one : decor 

Gathering inspiration from the sitting rooms in Liberace's Hollywood Hills home and his Hollywood Penthouse, I set out to recreate his gold and zebra-print fantasy worlds.


The secret to any great theme party is room transformation. From my many Halloween parties I know that wall covering is key to making things seem otherworldly. This plastic wall covering did an awesome job of replicating 70s wallpaper - not bad for $15. 

The entire decorating process was greatly aided by the fact that my mother once decorated in the same old-world European style and never bothered to update. I basically left her home bare after carting away all her decor. The little shelf was a thrift store purchase, but the rest came from my mom, including the impressive marble-topped gold table. 

Printing a few choice photos of Liberace gave things that egocentric touch. 

This vintage gem came from my great-aunt. The top of the frame has a little light that still works.

This painting by Francesco Beda is another staple of my childhood home. 

I love decorating with old record albums. This one capped the buffet nicely.

The bar featured vintage barware from my parent's house, which they own a lot of despite not very drinking much. 

Printables are my go-to for authentic yet inexpensive decor -- conversation piece and ornamentation all in one. I really loved the way my DIY wine charms turned out. I even found a stash of pink twist ties in the kitchen to complete the effect.

I wasn't crazy enough to purchase a grand piano just for a theme party, so I transformed our black wood stove into a mini fake piano and added the essential gold candelabra. 

More decorating with records.

The chandelier decal was nice thrift shop find that added just the right touch. And a final Liberace portrait, printed and displayed in an old golden frame.

That covers the decor. When I have recovered I will post about the food, cocktails, photo booth, fab outfits and the viewing shenanigans.

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  1. You did so well! Everything was totally on-point, but the wallpaper was my fave! ;) Thanks again for hosting!