Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cristina: A Legacy of Awesomeness

This page is a little tribute to Cristina Sayre, the most awesome lady ever to grace my world. She rocked so hard it was difficult to fully appreciate her awesomeness, and even more impossible to accept that she is no longer here.

She wasn't for everyone. If she was for you, you were a lucky bastard.

There are no words that can come close to describing what made her so badass. There is no memorial that can do her justice. No monument immense enough to capture all that she was.

But I have to try.

Here is what I wrote for her once on birthday. I'm glad she got to read it. 
Half-Baked Birthday.

Her obituary, which I eeked out a year after she passed. 

Here is the stuff she chose to share on social medias:

Her blog is down, but you can poke through the 

internet archive.

Instagram   Twitter   Good Reads   Yelp   Kaboodle   Foursquare   Letterboxd   Spotify   Pinterest   Pandora   Flickr   Untappd

Cristina was passionate believer in women’s health rights, particularly  Planned Parenthood's commitment to health services serving for low-income women. Please consider remembering her with a donation in her honor. 

She’d be proud of you. 

 Donate at
List Cristina Sayre in the “Honor Gifts” section.


Cristina’s ashes are entombed in the
Nature Garden at Oak Hill Memorial Park
300 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

The Nature Garden is behind the curved-roofed Chapel of Roses

at the main entrance on Curtner. Park behind the
garden, enter the arched entrance and turn right.  

Her niche is in the wall, six spots on the bottom row.


Farewell, dear friend.