Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I *heart* Breakfast

Holidays are so exciting for kids, but it's hard to get into it without going overboard on the stuff. To keep it simple but still special, I snagged a great idea from The Happiness Project Blog: Holiday breakfasts. The night before a holiday I decorate the kitchen table using whatever I have around the house. I've gotten a lot of mileage incorporating Lucas' preschool artwork in the  decor. The next morning I cook up a theme breakfast with little festive touches. Nothing crazy here. Heart-shaped toast, red and green sprinkles on the pancakes, that sort of thing.

Lucas seems to like it, though I'll admit I'm way more excited than he is at this point. Still, it's a nice tradition I hope to continue. And not just for the major holidays. I fully intend to throw some curveballs in now and then. A Groundhog's Day feast?  Arbor Day brunch?  I could go crazy over here.

Here's this morning's Valentine breakfast. The flicker stream also has a few shots from to Halloween and Christmas morning.

Holiday Breakfast Set on Flickr.

Valentine's Day Breakfast 2011 Valentine's Day Breakfast 2011 Apple & Pear Hearts DIY Heart Portuguese way to say I love you
Lego my heart Curtain Fun Curtain fun Heart Eggs Heart Eggs
Valentine's Day Breakfast 2011 Valentine's Day Breakfast 2011 Ready to eat Love Ya, Bag Cincher

So much decor!

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